Focus on Jim Kloetzel

Jim Kloetzel Jim Kloetzel is the Co-Chair of the PLPA Booking Committee, and plays a key role in bringing all that wonderful entertainment to Port Ludlow. What is Jim doing with all his spare time during the “Stay home; stay safe” directive? His answer … as only Jim could explain!

Yes, that is me in the picture. Perhaps you remember me without the beard. But, halfway through this home incarceration I thought to myself, “Why am I shaving all the time?” I am being seen by almost no one (except my wife, Karolyn, of course – more on that later). So, I just stopped shaving. You may not recognize me with that beard, because the last time I grew a beard was in graduate school at Cal Berkeley about 1970. It was red back then. Now I’m calling it my COVIDBeard. Should I love it or lose it? Perhaps we will let the PLPA board decide by majority vote. On the other hand, Karolyn says she has fifteen proxy votes in her purse should anyone want to hold a vote.

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Focus on Shelley and Gregg Patton

Sequestering at Home? Meet the Pattons!

Shelley and Gregg PattonThis is the third in our series -giving insight into what our Directors are doing during this COVID-19 pandemic, and the governor’s “stay at home” directive.

Port Ludlow Performing Arts might be a tad unique in that it has two people sharing one “director” position. When Sharla Erich moved into the role as president, June 2019, PLPA needed to enlist someone who could take over the very critical Educational Outreach program. This is the aspect of PLPA that supports music in our area elementary schools through the Adventures in Music (AIM) program, where we partner with the Port Angeles Symphony Orchestra. In addition, PLPA works closely with Chimacum High School and Quilcene High School by bringing one of our entertainment groups to CHS for an educational and entertaining music assembly. Who would be interested in supporting and perpetuating these activities?

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Focus on Sharla Erich President, PLPA

Sharla ErichThis is the second in our series — What are your PLPA Directors doing during this stay-at-home time without concerts to prepare for, an Educational Outreach program to plan, or a ticket campaign to promote? Until our performing venue, the Bay Club in Port Ludlow, opens its doors once again, and school sessions resume, your Port Ludlow Performing Arts crew is finding new — and sometimes innovative — ways to spend the time.

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