Focus on Jenise Harper

Jenise Harper Jenise Harper is co-chair of PLPA’s Booking Committee, moving to that position after a year as the organization’s secretary. Her narrative, posted below, looks at how she is spending her “pandemic time” with a humorous flair.

A 30-day cruise of Australia and New Zealand, the South Pacific and Hawaii, was cancelled. A trip to Colorado to celebrate with our children was postponed indefinitely; we’re waiting for a new date when we all feel safe enough to gather for a family reunion. The last half of PLPA’s season fell prey to the virus. Little did we know when we were listening to the nostalgic sounds of The Lonely, enjoying memories of yesteryear, it would be a significant wait until the PLPA concert season could renew itself. The High Kings, Will Martin, Birch Pierra and the Gin Joints — all dates were cancelled and they’re working with our organization to reschedule sometime in the future.

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Focus on Cheri Gerstenberger

Cheri Gerstenberger Cheri Gerstenberger is the driving force behind Port Ludlow Performing Arts informative and attractive program, and also the lady with the beautiful smile who serves you wine and beverages during our concert season (along with her hubby Chuck). Here’s how the Gerstenberger duo has been spending the last few months.

“Typically, this time of year, I would be feverishly working on the 24-page annual program for PLPA. Due to concerts being canceled and the uncertainly of the future, the decision was made that PLPA not produce a program for this year.

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Focus on Jim Kloetzel

Jim Kloetzel Jim Kloetzel is the Co-Chair of the PLPA Booking Committee, and plays a key role in bringing all that wonderful entertainment to Port Ludlow. What is Jim doing with all his spare time during the “Stay home; stay safe” directive? His answer … as only Jim could explain!

Yes, that is me in the picture. Perhaps you remember me without the beard. But, halfway through this home incarceration I thought to myself, “Why am I shaving all the time?” I am being seen by almost no one (except my wife, Karolyn, of course – more on that later). So, I just stopped shaving. You may not recognize me with that beard, because the last time I grew a beard was in graduate school at Cal Berkeley about 1970. It was red back then. Now I’m calling it my COVIDBeard. Should I love it or lose it? Perhaps we will let the PLPA board decide by majority vote. On the other hand, Karolyn says she has fifteen proxy votes in her purse should anyone want to hold a vote.

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