Focus on Cheri Gerstenberger

Cheri Gerstenberger Cheri Gerstenberger is the driving force behind Port Ludlow Performing Arts informative and attractive program, and also the lady with the beautiful smile who serves you wine and beverages during our concert season (along with her hubby Chuck). Here’s how the Gerstenberger duo has been spending the last few months.

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Focus on BJ Luce

BJ Luce BJ is one of those people you love to be around. Her quick smile, her sharp wit, her energy … and her distinctive voice … all combine to make this diminutive lady stand out in a crowd, as she demonstrates why she’s never met anyone who wouldn’t become a friend. BJ has been the accountant for PLPA for numerous years, but just joined the Board of Directors as Treasurer last summer.

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Focus on Marti Duncan!

Marti Duncan With a volunteer Board of Directors, you usually have a great amount of diversity among the members, with the purpose of the organization being the one common denominator. And there’s often a great amount of change-over, people coming and going, as life evolves and retirement plans change. While 2019 – 2020 saw many newcomers on the PLPA Board of Directors, one dedicated director entered her 16th year with the organization. Meet Marti Duncan, the talented lady who puts together PLPA’s season brochure, as well as all the posters that promote concerts and performances.

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