Behind the Scenes

by Jenise Harper, Secretary, Co-Chair Bookings

Welcome to the PLPA website! While we’re not presenting entertainment offerings right now (Spring/Summer 2020), the organization’s Board of Directors is keeping busy as we await moves from our governor and the State of Washington regarding the lessening of COVID-19 restrictions. The Directors are also in the midst of evaluating the upcoming 2020-2021 season, which was designed to be a 30th anniversary celebration of seven concerts promising to “knock your socks off” … However, due to ongoing concerns about our venue as well as our community, the Board decided to postpone the traditional September Champagne Gala opening concert – and will reschedule the season once we know when large gatherings will once more be permitted, and also when you, our supporters, feel comfortable joining us for a wonderful evening of music.

When William Shakespeare wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls …” he didn’t ponder the future pandemic of 2020, but the words ring true nonetheless. Port Ludlow Performing Arts directors want to reach out to you in as many ways as possible, even though we’re unable to share good conversation while sipping a glass of wine in the Bay Club lobby as we wait for the music to begin. We DO have a Facebook page, and invite you to “like” us. Sharla Erich, PLPA president, has posted a number of musical links to songs you can’t help but enjoy, ranging from past performers to those we had hoped to present this Spring. When you listen to The High Kings, you’re going to be impressed with not only the music but also the incredible scenery of their home country.

In addition, every two weeks or so we’re sending out photos of our directors with a dialogue on how they’ve been spending their “at-home” time during this pandemic. Those fun ‘focus’ profiles will also be posted here on the website. We’ve certainly not forgotten our supporters … and we want to give you a glimpse into our lives so you won’t forget us, either!

So enjoy the articles written by our Directors, posted below, that explain why the lawns look so beautiful, the bathrooms are immaculate, and everyone is thrilled to wave at passers-by, even if they can’t share space or give them a hug.