Jay Syverson

Jay SyversonJay Syverson is PLPA’s Staging Chair. He has served on the board for 4 years.

Growing up on an egg production farm in Eastern Washington helped set the stage for being self-employed for my working life. During those years I enjoyed snow and water skiing, horseback riding with the Spokane County Junior Sheriff’s equestrian drill team, bucking hay bales and learning to be self sufficient.

I first moved to Oak Harbor on Whidbey to manage a large (70,000 hens) egg production facility but realized farming was changing and I looked for other avenues to work.

My wife, Sandy, entered the picture literally when she introduced me to photography and life went a whole other direction. After two years of photography school, I started OnPoint Productions to create photographic, video and computer animation exhibits for expert witnesses in trial and settlement settings.

In 2015 we retired and spent months driving around looking for a home away from ever expanding Seattle. On the way back to Seattle from a week at the Centrum blues guitar camp I drove through Port Ludlow. And the rest is history as they say. We’ve been here for six years and love it.