Gregg Patton

Gregg PattonGregg Patton is PLPA’s recording secretary. He serves on the executive committee and a variety of other sub-committees, and assists with education outreach.

Gregg enjoyed a 40-year career as a newspaper journalist, primarily as a sports columnist, with a couple of stints as a news reporter and columnist. The work took him from his home state of New York to Colorado, and finally to Southern California where he remained for more than three decades.

Gregg, as a father of a son and a daughter, often found himself among much smaller athletes; youth soccer, baseball and softball players whom he coached, encouraged, teased and agonized over, perhaps a little too enthusiastically at times.

About five years ago, when retirement beckoned Gregg and his wife Shelley, they stumbled upon Port Ludlow. Initially drawn by the captivating beauty of the area, they are now held here by great friends, places to explore and a community that cares about its environment. Gregg has volunteered on a variety of marine and stream research and restoration projects.

After Gregg and Shelley had enjoyed a several PLPA concerts, they were invited to join the
Board of Directors as the Education Outreach coordinators. Gregg has served in that position for the last two years, and just this year, he dusted off his newspaper note-taking skills to become PLPA’s secretary.

The Pattons enjoy traveling to visit family and friends and to explore new places. However, inevitably they find themselves quite happy to be heading home to this beautiful community of Port Ludlow.