Focus on Jim Kloetzel

Jim Kloetzel Jim Kloetzel is the Co-Chair of the PLPA Booking Committee, and plays a key role in bringing all that wonderful entertainment to Port Ludlow. What is Jim doing with all his spare time during the “Stay home; stay safe” directive? His answer … as only Jim could explain!

Yes, that is me in the picture. Perhaps you remember me without the beard. But, halfway through this home incarceration I thought to myself, “Why am I shaving all the time?” I am being seen by almost no one (except my wife, Karolyn, of course – more on that later). So, I just stopped shaving. You may not recognize me with that beard, because the last time I grew a beard was in graduate school at Cal Berkeley about 1970. It was red back then. Now I’m calling it my COVIDBeard. Should I love it or lose it? Perhaps we will let the PLPA board decide by majority vote. On the other hand, Karolyn says she has fifteen proxy votes in her purse should anyone want to hold a vote.

Truth be told, this stay-at-home situation is not a great deal different than my life before the governor’s directives came down. You see, ever since I retired in 2011, I have worked as a consultant for the company from which I retired. And I don’t mean just a few hours a month. It has been about ½ to ¾ of a full-time job. But it has worked terrifically. My company keeps my computer working and safe, interactions between the company and me work smoothly, and they do much more for me by supplying things I need. It is wonderful just how well some jobs can be done remotely these days. Living in Port Ludlow and consulting for a company in Ohio is the only way to go, if you can land such a gig.

One unfortunate thing I have been doing during this pandemic is contacting artists and agents to cancel and try to reschedule concerts for the future. Five concerts have had to be cancelled to date, but we are fortunate that each of the artists is eager to reschedule and come to Port Ludlow as soon as possible. When that will be we do not know, but there is work to be done to make plans for when that day comes, and I seem to be doing something concerning PLPA almost every day.

One of the saddest things about being kept at home is the fact that we had to cancel a trip to Sweden planned for this year to see our first grandchild, a darling little girl born in Stockholm. We most likely will not be able to see her in person until a vaccine is developed for this virus, and that could mean next year. But get this – her parents (our son, Brian, and his wife, Chelsea, both foreign service officers with the State Department) told us before the birth they planned on naming their daughter Lila, which was the name of Karolyn’s mother, who was born on April 2, 1915. The baby was supposed to be born in late March, but she “cooked” a little longer, and … you guessed it … she actually was born on April 2. Wow!

One of my friends here in Port Ludlow sent me some “facts” about our stay-at-home marathon. One said that during this time you are likely to either become a great cook or, failing that, you are likely to become an alcoholic. Well, I can tell you that I have not yet become a great cook, but I did hear that liquor stores were considered essential businesses, so I figured it was my patriotic duty to support them! And, by the way, have you noticed that any wine clubs you have joined are offering some really great deals these days? My latest experience was with a wonderful winery where we have a wine club membership in Napa Valley, California (Trefethen). The offer was 30% off regular prices and $1 shipping. Now that was too tempting to pass up. A couple of friends joined me in cashing in on that one.

I know that the usual late-summer event at the Bay Club, with games, will not happen this year, but nevertheless I have been practicing playing “cornhole” in order to get ready for the next competition, whenever that may be. Did you know that I am the Port Ludlow cornhole champion for the last two years? No, I didn’t think so. We cornholers get no respect. But I am proud of it anyway, and I just learned that there are organizations working to make cornhole a sport in the Olympic Games sometime in the future. Americans would rule that competition!

And now, back to my wife, Karolyn. Somehow, we have been seeing a lot of each other lately. Perhaps someone can tell me what the following is all about. You all know the Dolly Parton song “Jolene.” Well, Karolyn has been going around the house singing that song, but she has changed the words slightly. She sings, “Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeeeeeeene, please, please, please come take my man.” Is there a secret message in there somewhere?

We do look forward to being freed from home confinement. Things are starting to loosen up, thank goodness. It is going to be great to see folks somewhere in addition to the post office when I go to empty my PO box or mail something. One of my passions, as you likely know, is music, and I look forward to upcoming concerts at the Bay Club when that becomes possible.