Focus on Marti Duncan!

Marti Duncan With a volunteer Board of Directors, you usually have a great amount of diversity among the members, with the purpose of the organization being the one common denominator. And there’s often a great amount of change-over, people coming and going, as life evolves and retirement plans change. While 2019 – 2020 saw many newcomers on the PLPA Board of Directors, one dedicated director entered her 16th year with the organization. Meet Marti Duncan, the talented lady who puts together PLPA’s season brochure, as well as all the posters that promote concerts and performances.

Marti chuckled when asked about her activities during the COVID-19 “stay safely at home” advisement, responding with a twinkle in her eye. “Oh my … I’m exhausted reading about what some ambitious and creative people have done while on lock‐down. And totally impressed. If you are looking for any useful suggestions about how to fill your time, I am not the one to tell you.” She smiled, “I never take myself too seriously, and really don’t have any wise advice to share.”

Marti! Really? PLPA knows for a fact that you designed a brochure for the upcoming season – the season that won’t evolve as originally planned! And we also know that you’re currently working on designs to be used on the PLPA website, which is undergoing a renovation. C’mon, there’s got to be some splinter of useful advice you could share.

“When the pandemic first began, before PLPA had to sadly postpone three of its season concerts, I WAS deeply absorbed in my board duties as graphic artist and poster maker. It was a wonderful way to spend time. But then everything changed.” As for the PLPA website … … “The site can use design work, but it’s different from my usual graphics, so I’m trying some new things.”

Marti’s sense of humor came to the forefront when asked what else she was doing besides designing for PLPA. She smiled and responded, “I was feeling quite proud of myself for happily weathering the quarantine challenge by doing as little as possible. Sleeping quite late, getting dressed ‘quite later.’ Showering forever.”

Well, that’s takes hand-washing to a whole new level! Known for tongue-in-cheek comments, Marti continued, “Feeding the cat and cleaning the litter box does take a bit of effort. Sanitizing the kitchen counters each day is also a necessary evil. Reading the news on my phone and deleting multitudinous junk emails becomes high priority … as well as deciding what to eat and when to eat … food being the real highlight of the day. We (Marti and husband Bob) are authorities on take‐out possibilities.”

Any type of exercise regimen? Marti laughed. “Exercising is something I’m working up to … walking to the mailbox is a start. I have books to read, and there is TV, the opiate of the masses, which I spend too much time watching. I love texting. I love it more than phone calls, email or Zoom.”

We can all empathize with Marti’s closing words, “Like all of you, I so look forward to the time when things are normal … or at least a little closer to normal than they are now.”