Focus on Phyllis Waldenberg

Phyllis Waldenberg is the quiet force behind PLPA concert logistics – working with volunteers and board members to cover various functions from ticket taking to handing out programs to serving refreshments. A self-professed lover of music and the arts, she wrote the following about her activities during this pandemic. “What have I been doing? Washing my hands a lot! And discovering that I am really not a bad cook. My Betty Crocker cook book, a wedding gift 58 years ago, lost its cover, a few pages are missing and some are stuck together with chocolate. But it still gives up those old favorites. (Although, I am very thankful for the restaurants that are offering take-out when we can’t stand one more day of my cooking.)

Then, of course, there is the (at least twice) daily walk with our dog Finley, where we regularly greet and wave to other dog-walkers and manage to stay on opposite sides of the street, despite the doggies’ enthusiasm for sniffing, and checking each other out. I have especially been enjoying the recent early morning warm spring weather. It is amazing what a little sunshine, a view of the snow-capped mountains, the smell of new green buds popping out and the bright yellow daffodils in bloom can do to raise the spirits.

I am also working on my honey-do lists. Glenn has been very cooperative with his list. The bathrooms are sparklingly clean! The weeds are gone, and who knew the garage could look so good and the attic so organized! I am also renewing my conviction that we really like to spend time with each other. Zoom helps us keep in touch with our family and friends. Technology is a great thing.

One item on my to-do list involves organizing into albums over 26,000 digital photos that have been patiently waiting to be recognized and loved. Yes, we all looked very different twenty years ago. Every now and then Glenn walks by and claims, “Boy, you looked really good back then!” Or, “Who took that one? Where was that? Who was that? I don’t remember that?” or “Oh my gosh, I had forgotten that!” I am reminded that, even as we have aged, and have moved into the “Third Act” of life, how lucky and blessed we have been to have spent all these years in this wonderful Port Ludlow community. We would not want to live anywhere else, and if we have to stay home, there is no other place we want to be!