Continuing in the tradition established years ago by our founders, the Port Ludlow Arts Council, an important part of the Port Ludlow Performing Arts (PLPA) mission is to support musical education in area schools. For the past 22 years PLPA has actively worked with music educators to advocate music education and experiences in the schools.

Research continues to document a positive correlation between children who participate in music experiences and their success in other academic areas. In our case, this effort is mainly accomplished thanks to the support of our loyal audience as well as grants sought and received from private and corporate foundations.

As our population continues to age, we also see the need to provide entertainment for senior residents in retirement and care facilities.

In the 2013-2014 fiscal year concluded April 30, outreach efforts included:

  • Scholarships for two band students from Chimacum Schools to attend Camp Heebie Jeebies.
  • Funding for an Instrument Rental Program in conjunction with Crossroads Music in Port Townsend, which provided trumpets, a clarinet, saxophone and flute to eight students (two moved away during school year) making it possible for them to participate in the band program.
  • Funds and piano tuning for a jazz pianist, Pam Drews Phillips, who performed in and directed Broadway shows, to provide a concert reliving music through the years for the enjoyment of senior residents living at Seaport Village in Port Townsend.
  • Funded two educational concerts at Chimacum Schools by the doo-wop a cappella group, The Alley Cats, for high school and 5th Grade/Middle School students.

Here’s what they tell us …

“Camp Heebie Jeebies was SO much fun! I enjoyed the opportunity I had to be able to wake up each morning and start it off musically. The theory classes were very informative and I am way better at being able to count music and being able to understand how long or short to play each note and rest. Thank you so much to all those who helped me get my way to camp!!!!” – Makenzie Richey, Chimacum Sophomore

“The experience at Camp Heebee Jeebies taught me about being a jazz percussionist. I belong to a concert band and it was fun to experience the real live jazz experience. It taught me new ways of playing — exploring new feelings and ideas. Thank you for awarding me the scholarship so I could attend and have this great experience!!! It will be with me the rest of my life!” – Quentin Butler, Chimacum Sophomore

“After picking Makenzie up at the end of the week, she was a changed person musically. She loved the week, was excited to perform what she’d learned, made new friendships and the greatest thing I witnessed has been the increase of her playing the piano here at home. Music is an important part of her life and I know Camp Heebie Jeebies helped her uncover her talent and deepen her love of music.” – Tamara Richey, Chimacum Parent

“Both Makenzie and Quentin have really grown after Camp Heebie Jeebies. It’s like the camp really opened their eyes to a new realm of possibility in music and both have been jumping in and trying new things.” – Garth Gourley, Chimacum Schools Music Director

“Music provides a great outlet for children to learn and express themselves in different ways and with your help Chimacum School students have had that opportunity. We believe that times are still tough for some families and there is still a definite need for this program.” – Sara Lopez & Dan Gessner, Crossroads Music

“Pam was a major success, the lobby at Seaport was filled with happy, swinging seniors!” – Elizabeth (Betty) Harmon, Outreach Chairman

“The Alley Cats were pretty awesome.” – Garth Gourley, Chimacum Schools Faculty

“We very much value the support of the Port Ludlow Arts Council.” – Whitney Meissner, Chimacum High School Principal

Photography provided by Tamara Richey, Kris Butler and Gary Settle.